Thank you for your interest in our organization. You are about to begin a valuable relationship that will offer assistance through information and networking and help you in your efforts to provide the highest level of safety for the students that you are responsible for transporting. When you join STS, you can look forward to the following membership benefits:

  • Annual State Conference
  • School Bus Driver Seminars
  • State and Local Meetings
  • Membership List
  • Practical Workshops
  • Representation on Various Task Forces and Commissions
  • Access to valuable resources on a variety of relevant issues and topics
  • Access to our members only Facebook Page

Sts Mechanics Conference_Membership Benefits

Membership Information

Full Member
Person employed full time by a public school district, County Supervisors or CTSA on a full time basis who perform in transportation in an administrative or supervisory capacity as part of their regular duty. Only one Full Member is allowed per district.

Associate Member
Transportation support staff employees of Boards of Education or ESC transportation services.

Mechanics Member
School bus transportation mechanical personnel

Contractor Member
Owner or designated employee of a company which provides school transportation services under contract to a public school.  Additional contractor members shall be considered Associate Contractor Members.

Vendor Member
Recognized vendor who sells products to the school bus industry.

Honorary Member
Person who is a full member of STS at time of his/her retirement, or a person STS wishes to honor for outstanding service to school transportation.

Affiliated Member
Township, Recreation, Summer Camps, Day Care Centers or other facilities that operate vehicles under the standards governing school buses.

Please refer to the STS ByLaws Revised June, 2021 for further descriptions of membership categories.

Membership Dues

Full Member $200.00
Associate Member $75.00
Mechanics Member $75.00
Contractor  Member $75.00
Vendor Member $75.00
Honorary Member $0.00
Affiliated Member $75.00


How to Join STS

Please print and complete the 2023 STS Membership App. Send it along with your membership dues to:

STS of NJ, Inc.
Membership Chairperson
PO Box 66
Raritan, NJ 08869

If you would like to apply online, please complete the Online Membership Application Form.

Your application will be reviewed at the next Board of Directors meeting.

If you have any questions regarding membership in STS of New Jersey, please leave a message at 908-252-1991 and a representative will return your call,or email us at